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Do You Know Someone Who Needs Our Help? Thumbnail

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Our Help?

By Jess Peterson

Inherently inconstant, life changes frequently. But the amount of change we’ve experienced over the last two years has been overwhelming. It’s a bit hard to remember what “normal” life used to look like. As headlines continue to change every day, to say this is a stressful and confusing time is an understatement!

That’s why it’s important to concentrate on what you can control, like your financial plan. And as author John Maxwell says, “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” At Peterson Wealth Management, we help you stay focused on the long term while also adjusting and adapting when life throws curveballs. That means if you have questions, concerns, or need help processing the market roller coaster we’re on, you can always count on us. 

Do your friends and family have this kind of support system?

Support in Hard Times

From COVID-19 and its multiple variants to increased inflation, labor shortages, and devastating natural disasters, there is a lot of fear in our world right now—and fear can make people do unwise things with their money. (1) Our goal is to see you and those you care about weather this storm with confidence and come out the other side ready to move forward and work toward your goals. 

If you have friends or family members who need financial guidance during this stressful time, we’d love to be there for them like we are for you, analyzing and evaluating their financial picture and sharing solutions to help them stay on track to reach their goals despite market turmoil and economic uncertainty.

We Are Here for Your Friends and Family

Do you have a friend or family member who needs financial guidance? We understand that money can often be hard to talk about, which is why we value forming real relationships with our clients so we can help them achieve their goals through careful financial planning. 

At Peterson Wealth Management, we are lucky to have clients that feel so strongly about the service they receive that they refer their friends and family to us. We are here to help others in need of unbiased advice and direction. Instead of fearing change, let’s view it as an opportunity for growth, and move closer to making your financial dreams a reality.

If you or your loved ones have any questions or concerns about finances, goals, asset allocation, risk, what the markets are doing, or anything that’s causing financial stress, we are here to provide answers, relieve anxiety, and create a plan forward. Schedule your no-fee consultation now! You may also call our Sparks office at (775) 673-1100 or our Reno office at (775) 423-8007. Be sure to let your friends and family members know we offer a no-cost introductory Q&A meeting!

About Jess

Jess Peterson is an investment advisor representative at Peterson Wealth Management, an independent, full-service financial advisory firm committed to providing personalized, unbiased advice. With over 12 years of experience, Jess serves his clients by developing strategies for the myriad of financial challenges and opportunities they face as they move through life, educating and empowering them so they can make informed decisions that get them closer to their goals. Jess is known for building strong, long-term relationships with his clients built on trust, and he works tirelessly to reduce their financial stress so they can focus on the things they love. Jess graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. When he’s not at work, you can find Jess staying active by running in various events around Northern Nevada and racing motorsports around the country. He enjoys visiting Tahoe, playing hockey, and snowboarding as well. To learn more about Jess, connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also watch his free webinar on 7 Unexpected Risk to Your Retirement (& How to Plan for Them).

(1) https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/09/how-to-prevent-fear-and-anxiety-from-ruining-your-financial-life.html